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  • Giant Trance 2 - 2018
    $2,525.00 - $2,825.00
    Product Rating
    5.0 stars
     (7 Reviews)

    Trance doesn’t care where the trail goes. Up, down, all around, it always delivers speed, flow, and total control. This is a trail bike that thrives in the most challenging conditions. The frameset is engineered with a lightweight yet super strong and stiff ALUXX SL aluminum frame with updated… [more]

  • Giant Talon 2 - 2017
    $545.00 - $710.00

    From long dirt climbs to flowing descents, this lightweight aluminum hardtail puts you in control. The lightweight ALUXX aluminum Talon frame features classic off-road design that’s updated with Giant’s proven 27.5-inch wheel technology. The hardtail frame is designed to optimize the wheel size and… [more]

  • Giant Propel Advanced Disc - 2018
    $3,090.00 - $3,700.00

    On the attack, in a sprint, or cornering at speed. Aero speed meets total control in this all-new disc-brake solo flyer. This all-new aero road bike minimizes drag so you can accelerate and sprint faster. It also introduces full disc-brake integration for more confidence and control in all types of… [more]

    • Women's Item
    Liv Sedona DX W Disc - 2018
    $470.00 - $500.00

    Find your adventure in everyday rides. This smooth, laid-back bike lets you explore roads, paths, or trails with comfort and ease. Featuring comfortable fat tires, a smooth suspension fork, and upright positioning, Sedona DX takes you from the driveway to parks or pathways with smooth style. Its… [more]

  • Giant Defy Advanced 3 - 2018
    $1,370.00 - $1,650.00

    Stay smooth, even on rough rides. This endurance road bike is purpose-built for your longest, hardest rides. This lightweight Advanced-grade composite frame features endurance geometry and engineered compliance for a smooth, high-performance ride. Its tube shapes are optimized to absorb road shocks… [more]

    • Women's Item
    Liv Rove 3 Disc Step Thru - 2018
    $400.00 - $480.00

    Main street, side streets, or forest trails. Your choices are limitless with the versatile Rove. The Rove is a versatile option for dirt or road riding adventures. Whether you end up on pavement or trails, Rove is game, so you can relax knowing your bike is capable for any adventure. Featuring… [more]

  • Giant AnyRoad Advanced 1 - 2018
    $1,540.00 - $1,950.00

    Explore more. Fast meets versatile. This lightweight composite all-rounder goes from quick spins to long tours on smooth or rough roads. Combining a lightweight, smooth-riding Advanced-grade composite frame with stable geometry, AnyRoad Advanced is a fast, fun way to ride paved roads, gravel and… [more]

    • Women's Item
    Liv Thrive CoMax 1 Disc - 2018
    $1,485.00 - $1,800.00

    Get fit faster. A flat-bar road bike that’s light, speedy, and designed for fitness-minded women. Build confidence on the road and get fit faster. Have fun achieving fitness goals with Thrive. The flat handlebar and more confident riding posture keep you comfortable and energized. Disc brakes,… [more]

    • Women's Item
    Liv Avail Advanced 1 - 2018
    $1,860.00 - $2,375.00

    Go beyond limits. From epic solo adventures to group road rides, Avail is light, comfortable, and engineered for female riders. Responsive, energetic, and determined, this bike makes big days in the saddle all the more magical. The build irons out the roughness of the road and you’ll experience the… [more]

    • Women's Item
    Liv Langma Advanced Pro 1 Disc - 2018
    $2,725.00 - $3,250.00

    This lightweight racing bike delivers the speed and strength needed for any climb, race, or epic ride. Impeccably handcrafted for the toughest climbers, passionate cyclists, and fierce competitors, Langma is the secret weapon for charging the breakaway. Langma is programmed for both climbing and… [more]

  • Giant TCR Advanced 1 Disc - KOM - 2018
    $1,870.00 - $2,375.00

    Training, racing, pushing it to the limit. This composite flyer with disc brakes delivers pure performance on the road. Designed with Compact Road geometry and constructed with Giant’s Advanced-grade composite frame material, the TCR Advanced Disc delivers the best on-the-road efficiency of any… [more]

  • Giant Contend 3 - 2017
    $480.00 - $600.00

    A smoother ride equals a better experience on the road. Feel the difference with the confident new Contend. Designed and developed for aspiring riders looking to elevate their experience on the road, the all-new Contend is the result of a dedicated approach to road performance. Born in Giant’s own… [more]

    • Women's Item
    Liv Avail 3 - 2017
    $380.00 - $600.00

    The right companion for any challenge, the Avail brings the bliss back to road riding. A performance bike to help you go further, faster. Stability in fast corners and descents, efficient power transfer and ultimate comfort are the result of a well-balanced women’s-specific design. The Avail is a… [more]

  • Giant Contend SL 1 Disc - 2018
    $1,190.00 - $1,400.00

    A light and lively all-rounder with disc brake control. For climbs, descents, sprints, Contend is with you all the way. Engineered with Giant’s innovative ALUXX SL aluminum technology, the Contend SL Disc is built for versatile, all-around road performance. Its geometry combines quick and agile… [more]

  • Giant Sedona DX Disc - 2018
    $470.00 - $500.00

    Smooth cruise. Find your adventure in everyday rides. This smooth, laid-back bike lets you explore roads, paths or trails with comfort and ease. Featuring comfortable fat tires, a smooth suspension fork, and upright positioning, Sedona DX takes you from the driveway to parks or pathways with smooth… [more]

  • Giant Anthem Advanced 29 1 - 2018
    $3,090.00 - $3,900.00

    Fly through challenging singletrack. Crush an XC marathon. This new full-suspension 29er delivers total XC dominance. Here’s the perfect recipe for a high-performance XC dream machine. Start with a superlight Advanced-grade composite chassis featuring new geometry designed for fast-rolling 29-inch… [more]

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